Monday, July 18, 2011

Sandia Cooler Spinning Heatsink Coller Without Noise

Do you think Intel OEM in box CPU Coller is suck? Yes, i think so. It is easily broken and difficult to plug and remove. Read this one!

Sandia Cooler Spinning Heatsink Coller Without Noise

Sandia name reminds me of Intel Sandy Bridge name LOL

Cooling fans are noisy, inefficient and quickly get choked up with filth. So how about a heatsink that doesn’t need a fan because the heatsink itself IS the fan.

Jeff Koplow, a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories, has come up with a new idea where the heat from a CPU of GPU (or whatever you want cooled) is transferred to a heatsink consisting of bands of metal blades. Nicknamed the “Sandia Cooler,” this heatsink sits on top of the component that needs cooling, floating on a tiny cushion of air. Heat stirs the air in this gap which in turn causes the fan to spin.

Koplow believes that if this design was widely adopted that US electricity usage would drop by a whopping 7%.
If you want to know more about this novel design, check out the research paper here.

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